A friend of mine is on vacation with her family. She updated her facebook status that they were in a hotspot for fantastic views, but couldn’t see them because of a dense fog. I commented, a more subtle kind of beauty.

And since then I’ve been thinking of different kinds of beauty – of skies angry with storm clouds; of reflected light and peeling paint; of dirty, happy children; of the pattern of raindrops on a window pane …

… and of Jesus, man of sorrows, who had no beauty to draw men to himself, but whose perfect life of kindness and compassion is so beautiful that it makes my heart ache to think of it.

I want to learn to see beauty where few others even attempt.

I want my life to reflect the beauty of Jesus so strongly that others are drawn to him even when they don’t understand.

I want my appreciation of the beauty of this life to be easy, and natural, and thankful, and glorifying to the Author of beauty.