A couple months ago I was on the beach with my daughters. The youngest picked up something that she thought was a piece of beach glass.  It turned out to be a dead jellyfish. She dropped it in horror and ran to me crying and buried her head in my lap.

Are you hurt? No.

Did it sting you? No.

Then what’s the problem? More crying.

The truth is, I knew what the problem was. I’m familiar with that problem. It’s the fear of what coulda, woulda happened. 

And it’s a problem.

Not because the couldas and wouldas materialize all that often, but because they keep us from getting our feet wet in the first place. I persuaded the girl to go back into the water, but only with difficulty. What if there are more? I could get hurt?

True. You could get hurt. But if you let your fear keep you on the sand, you miss the waves and the splash and the fun.

And in the end, that could hurt worst of all.