Wednesday I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking too hard (a deadly combination).  And the thought came to me, “I’m alone, abandoned, and friendless.”

If you know me you are rolling your eyes at this point.  Here’s why: That morning, a friend had called to schedule a time we could get together.  The day before, another friend had emailed some possible dates to get together for coffee.  Two days before that a third friend caught up with me at church to schedule a lunch to “catch up”.  That’s not to mention two friends that I meet with every week, a husband/best friend whose fondest wish is to spend more time with me, and a sister who is complaining because it’s been too long since we talked …

But, after I slapped myself around a little bit, I started thinking.  There are people all around us who really are alone, abandoned and friendless.  And as bad as I was feeling Wednesday night, how much worse must it be for those who are truly alone.


What are you going to do about it?

What am I?