So, about a year ago I’d never read a blog in my life.  Then my friend Jon suggested I start one to clarify my thoughts and hone my writing skills.  And that was great.

I started reading Jon’s blog and that led me to Rick’s, Laurie’s and Amy’s.  But, every now and then, one of them would link to someone like Liz or Joanna or Chris and DeAnn.

Pretty soon I was regularly reading 15 or 20 blogs and checking them every day.  Then, I found out about feed readers.  O man, it was great.  I just plugged in the url and whenever someone updated, it went into my feed reader and I never missed a single one of the copious thoughts that poured out of the brains of these oh so clever, insightful and witty persons and onto the screen.

Well … you know what happened, right?  A couple of my 15 friends connected me with a few more. And one thing led to another and pretty soon I had 593 unread items in my feed reader.  At which point I twittered: No time for google reader. Is it funny or just sad that I have 47 unread items in “unclutterer”?

And don’t even get me started on Twitter.

Oh, and go visit Zen Habits.  It’s a great blog.