Today is Black Friday, the biggest, most ridiculous shopping day of the year, the one day of the year you are almost guarenteed to find me at home.  Sleep in, stay home, and sip coffee trump get up early, fight crowds and save big any day.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I find myself down to one egg this morning and needing to make my delicious twice baked potato casserole for the in-law Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  A serious lack of cars on street and driveway in the neighborhood put paid to the beg or borrow idea.  So at the crack of noon, I boldly ventured forth to hunt and gather.

Here are my best tips for shopping on Black Friday (too late for this year, but bookmark it for next):

1. Don’t do it – think of all that delicious coffee you could be drinking, and all the reading you could be catching up on.

2. Have a husband who thinks ahead – Robb ordered our brand new shiny Wii online last month.  Not only does this cause me all kinds of smugness when, as today, I overhear conversations about how there is not a Wii system to be found around town, we’ve also been playing it on the sly in the evenings after the girls go to bed.  Shhh.

3. Shop at noon.  Today I was just going to a big box grocery store, but a couple of times, when my sister was visiting from California, I’ve actually gone to the mall.  What we found, and was confirmed for me today, is that the crazies who got up at 4 am to stand in line for a $25 DVD player are hungry and tired and shopped out.  By noon people are leaving the stores in droves and parking places open up right next to the door.  (And I’ll just throw this in for free: If you live in Indiana and have to grocery shop on the weekend, go when the Colts are playing – I’m sure this works for your football team as well)

4. Don’t do it.  Oh, did I already say that?