The other day I had my cell phone camera at the ready while I was driving through town.  I don’t normally take pics while I’m driving, but it was a golden day, a day that begged to have its picture taken.  Downtown I was approaching a certain intersection which has some nice vistas of the skyline (such as it is) and a couple nice church steeples.  But when I got close enough to take it, there was a big ugly construction fence in the way.

So I took this picture:

  Because as soon as I read it, I thought, “Like life – Hardhat required”

Life can knock you around a little (or sometimes a lot).  People aren’t always nice.  It’s pretty hard for someone like me, thin skinned and sensitive.  Not only does it hurt when someone says something unkind or treats you badly, but my tendency is to negatively interpret any comment, look or interaction that is even questionable.  I always put the people don’t like me spin on events that happen around me (and the God doesn’t like me spin on cosmic events that make my life difficult).  Or at least I did.  But I’m trying to work on it.

So I decided that one of my resolutions for the year (let’s say I’m just getting a head start) is to learn how to put on my hard hat in the morning; to learn how to defend myself from myself, from others and from the world.  So that when the blows come, I can distinguish the real ones from the imagined ones; I can remain standing; I can learn what’s to be learned; I can forgive what needs to be forgiven (even when its me); and I can emerge stronger and more complete.

(giving credit to my friend Jon because I hijacked his motif – lifesigns)