Today on twitter there was a conversation on a theme which cycles around regularly, GND (Getting Nothing Done).  It’s not surprising, since twitter can greatly enhance ones GND status.  (can, I said can, don’t hate the messenger).  I hopped online in the middle of the conversation and began to think of witty responses claiming to be the unchallanged, reigning, untouchable queen of GND.

But, I never typed them.  Here’s why:

I joined the middle of the conversation because I had been offline for several hours.  In that time I made a grocery run, picked up my son from school, took him to physical therapy, picked up my daughters from the bus stop and started dinner.  Before the grocery run, I worked out, did the dishes and spent an hour reading and praying.  (yes, I also twittered intermittantly and played the next move on 8 or so current games of scrabulous, read and replied to a few emails, and drank several cups of coffee).  After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen, set the table for breakfast (I’ve never done this before in my life – just a new process I’m trying out), and helped middle child with her homework.  (p.s. most days I get way less than this done)

But as unreasonable as I know it is I still feel like I got nothing done today.  My first tweet this morning was: absolutely buried today. need to execute. autopilot is a living death. what’s your best GTD tip?  And do you know what?  I didn’t get any of those things done today that were weighing on my mind. Not one.  My house is still a mess and my mother in law is still coming on Friday.  I still have phone calls to make, emails to send, writing to do, an open house to plan for, etc, etc, etc.

But here’s the thing.  It serves no purpose for me to feel bad about myself because I regularly have more work than is humanly possible to accomplish (don’t we all?).  I just need to bite off what I can chew, and not get too discouraged when one bite is all I can accomplish in a day.  Because after all, my children are fed and bathed and dressed in clean clothes at regular intervals.  And even if I never accomplish a single other thing, that’s GSD (getting something done) every day.