Vienna Diary
October 16

I realized today that in the last couple days I’ve met over 20 new people.  I have a pretty good memory, but I’m not particularly good with names.  If I meet you once, there is a good chance that next time I see you I will have to ask your name again (most people don’t mind this if you are polite and have a big smile).  But I will remember, and will ask, if your mother was in the hospital or if you were having work done on your house or contemplating a career change.

But, names are important.  And I would like to learn to be better at remembering them.

Realizing how badly I was remembering the names of those I had met (remember the jet lag and have some grace for me), made me think about the names of God.  One of the names I’ve heard about over and over since I’ve been in Austria is Jehovah Jireh, God the provider.  If you want to learn about Jehovah Jireh, spend a few days hanging out with missionaries.  Missionaries know about God the provider.  And this week we’ve spent a LOT of time listening to the miraculous ways that God has provided not only needs, but immeasurably more than all that was asked or imagined.

But, for me, to really cool thing was the ways that God does this.  Sometimes, God sends a check out of the blue and you don’t know where it comes from.  But often, God uses his people to be part of the immeasurable.  We get to, when we listen to God, be part of God being amazing.  We get to participate in blessing others extravagantly.

Is God urging you to share something, your time, your finances, your home, with others?  Do it.  And embrace the opportunity to be part of our amazing, wonderful Jehovah Jireh.