Above all else, guard your heart,
       for it is the wellspring of life

I was reading my usual list of suspects today, and came across the above verse in two different blogs.  It reminded me of something that I have been talking to God about lately.  My friend and spiritual advisor suggested asking God to show me in what area I needed to trust Him more and then start talking to Him about it.

When I asked, He placed this thought in my head, “You need to trust Me with your heart”, meaning that I need to trust God to supply completely the love that my heart needs, freeing me to love others without condition, without expectation; freeing me to do the hard things, say the hard things without fearing disapproval, rejection or withdrawal of love; freeing me to love with abandon.

So I’ve been thinking about what guarding your heart does not mean.  It doesn’t mean don’t love people because you might get hurt.  It doesn’t mean be so careful about what you say that you compromise the truth.  It doesn’t mean carefully and neurotically calculating everything you say and do in order to give the least offense, in order to please the most people.

Sometimes, when you really love someone, you may need to offend them; you may be called on to displease them for the sake of truth, for the sake of conscience, for the sake of conviction. 

How can you do this unless you’ve first trusted God with your heart?