Jon tagged me to list 8 random things about myself a couple weeks ago:

1. I knew I was going to marry Robb before we even started dating.  True story, ask my college roommate.

2. I am half mexican.

3. I love to start things and have a really hard time finishing them.

4. Sometime in the last month I crossed the line from wanting to be a writer to realizing that I am a writer, whether or not anyone reads me.

5. I can be really, really loud. (5 siblings)

6.  I’m on a ministry sabbatical (whatever that means).

7. I was a cheerleader in the sixth grade – I know some of you are scratching your heads over that one.

8. I spent last week in Gulfport, MS, doing rebuilding and I injured my typing thumb . . . very inconvenient . . . so now I’m going to stop.

Tag . . . whoever is left.