Jon tagged me for this popularity contest thing.  When I was a kid, I was also not particularly popular, quasi-musical, quasi-creative, quasi-athletic, quasi-obnoxious, LOUD, nice, math-geek.  My posts are even less popular that Jon’s.  And I get virtually no comments . . . which doesn’t make me feel like no one loves me or wants to hear what I have to say . . . most of the time . . . anymore.  But, seriously, most of my posts are so introspective, what’s to say?  “Man, are you a mess.”

But here are my highlights according to me and according to some verbal comments I’ve gotten about them:

Garden Metaphors
The Best Gift
His Yoke is Easy
Won’t Someone Please Listen?
Saying Goodbye (part 2)
Saying Goodbye
Truth and Precision . . .

And tag . . . um . . . I think Stacey is the only one who reads this blog that wasn’t already tagged by Jon . . . I told you so . . .