You know the rest.

So, Jon posted a list of books He is currently reading and I wanted to play.  I decided in February to read one book at a time and to finish it.  That lasted for exactly 3 books and now I am back to my old ways (though not quite up to Jon’s standards)

Here’s my list:

the practice of the presence of God – brother Lawrence
It’s Not My Fault – Henry Cloud and John Townsend
The Rest of God- Mark Buchanen (technically done, but still chewing)
Isaiah, John and frequent dips into the Psalms
Today Matters – John Maxwell
Confessions – St. Augustine
Selected Writings of Martin Luther

Here’s my pile of “I want to get to it soon”:

Reaching Out – Henri Nouwen
Breathe – Keri Wyatt Kent
Failing Forward – John Maxwell
The Papa Prayer – Larry Crabb
The Divine Embrace – Ken Gire