Today was a rest day for me, a day to take time to do the things I don’t have time for, a day to cease my striving and listen for the voice of God, a day I desperately needed but was loathe to take with the to do list looming.  Two very significant things happened:

1.  I woke up obsessing about something work-related that caused me a great deal of unrest the night before.  So I began the day in activity – physical action to keep myself out of my head.  I walked and talked with a friend and found refreshment and love.  Then I worked in the garden until I didn’t want to anymore.  As I worked in the garden I learned something interesting.  As thoughts of work and other responsibilities intruded, it was as if they were from another dimension.  I looked at them curiously and said to myself, what does that have to do with me?  And then, I let them fly away.  For the particularly obtrusive thoughts, mostly the one described above I prayed briefly, Jesus, give me wisdom to know how to deal with that when the time comes, and then I released it.  And I found that I could.

2.  I live a block away from an elementary school.  However, it is through the block and not down the block so I can hear them, but not see them.  Today was field day.  So there I was with my hands in the earth, listening to the children laugh and cheer.  And for the first time in a very long time I had the feeling that God is in His heaven and all’s right with the world.  And, really, isn’t that what Sabbath is all about?