Working in the garden today here are some thoughts that came to me:

The bigger you let a weed grow, the harder it is to uproot.

If you let it go to seed, it contaminates all the adjacent ground and eventually your neighbor’s yard as well.

If you don’t cut away the dead growth, it’s hard to appreciate the beauty of the new.

When you have a big weed growing in the middle of a beautiful perenniel, there is nothing for it but to dig it up, gently disentangle the culprit and lovingly and carefully replant.

A plant with deep roots handles stress better.

Sometimes, when something seems dead, all it needs is a little sustenance and a little care to flourish again.

Sometimes, if you’re patient, that seedling you don’t recognize turns out to be something so beautiful and unexpected that it takes your breath away.

It’s worth the work to dig up, replant, rearrange things into new unexpected combinations.

Differences are interesting and beauiful.

Year after year without fail, renewal happens.

Life can be heartachingly beautiful.

Sometimes you have to get really close to see the beauty.

And sometimes you have to stand back.