From the budding writer in the family (kindergarden):

Was a pod a time my casins came aovr to my wit hows!  Win thea cam aovr to my hows.  my casin name jadn play on the cpetr.  and the game was Monsters, inc.  after he play Monsters, inc. he wite out sid we playd fes tag.  thea we wite in sid.  and we had fun.  and I like it win my csins came aovr to my hows.


Once upon a time my cousins came over to my white house.  When they came over to my house, my cousin named Jadon played on the computer and the game was Monsters, inc.  After he played Monsters, inc. he went outside.  We played freeze tag.  Then we went inside.  And we had fun.  And I like it when my cousins come over to my house.