I have a daughter who can not only read the street signs and the speedometer, she can also see both from where she sits in the car.  This keeps me a bit more law-abiding than I might otherwise be.  She is also very close to being able to tell time – so no more shuffling them off to bed at 7:20 because I’m tired – but that’s another post.

She’s not completely sophisticated, though.  She call it “per nour” as in, Dad, you’re going 60 per nour.

I’m used to living my life at “80 per nour” and it’s taking a toll on me.  And God is telling me pretty clearly, rest more.  But here’s my question:  On a practical level, what does that look like?   A couple days ago Jon wrote in his blog the following definition of rest: I need to talk about sabbath, about taking one day in seven to not focus on myself, my work, my goals.

  What does God-honoring rest look like in your life?  Is it different for everyone, or are there some universals?  I have thoughts, (shocking, I know) but I’d like to hear yours.