Yesterday morning, I was with the girls in the living room.  We had a leisurely morning because of a fog delay for the school system.  Right outside the floor to ceiling windows there is a plant from which I haven’t had a chance to cut away the dead winter growth.  And it really looks funny because the new growth is pushing up from the ground.  It reminds me of a woman whose roots need to be touched up (only in reverse).  I’ve been a little down on myself, because here it is May and I haven’t been able to make time (don’t you wish sometimes we really COULD make  time?) to clean up my flower beds.

Well, yesterday I was thankful, because a bright yellow goldfinch landed on that plant and was so intent on the seeds contained in the dead winter growth that we stood right at the window watching him (less than a foot away).

If I’d been on top of things and done my yard-work in a timely fashion, we probably wouldn’t have had that moment together.  Cool . . . but still . . .