Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.  John 1:3

Is it just me, or do any of you find yourselves looking at someone else and wishing that you had their gifts, talents, personality, etc.?  I was reflecting today on the verse above and about how God made me specifically, on purpose to be a woman for such a time as this.  I have my strengths and weaknesses for a reason.  Maybe working through my weaknesses makes me better able to pull someone else up with me.  Perhaps my strengths are just right for reaching my neighbors, family or co-workers.

Instead of focusing on who I’m not, perhaps I can learn to rest in who God made me to be and find joy in the journey to becoming who I can be with His help, guidance, strength, love and grace.

Being made perfect, or complete, does not mean looking like everyone else.  My perfect and your perfect are two totally different things.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never have perfect pitch or be able to run a four minute mile.  My IQ isn’t going to get any higher.   But, with God’s help, I can get better and better at being me.  I can learn to lean hard on Him to fill up my weaknesses and to use my strengths to honor Him and build His kingdom.

Won’t you join me today and thank God for making you who you are and ask Him to show you how to become the best you possible, always beseeching Him to use you today, where you are, in spite of yourself, to bring glory to Him?