Earlier this week I was on a plane to Las Vegas with my good friend, Marci, reading the book of Esther and listening to Fernando Ortega sing, Come ye sinners poor and needy, lost and ruined by the fall, if you tarry till you’re ready, you will never come at all.  And I had the thought that probably not a lot of people on the way to Las Vegas are reading their bibles and listening to hymns. 

So I began praying for the plane full of people poor and needy and lost and ruined by the fall and then I started praying for the city full of people lost and ruined by the fall.  But what came to me as I prayed was, is it so different where I’m going than where I’m coming from?  Must not be because my next door neighbors were on that same plane.  And while Marci and I were going to attend a conference, they were going to party and gamble.  So sin city is next door to me, around the corner, in my childrens’ schools, wherever we encounter those who have not heard, responded, embraced the good news, in other words, everywhere.