My girls have not been able to obey and stay within their boundaries.  They spent a week-end without their bikes, got them back for one day, then lost them again for the whole week of spring break because they kept going past the driveway that was their limit.  They knew the consequences, yet couldn’t seem to obey.

Today, the 8 year old went to a birthday party at Libby Lou.  This racket, if you don’t know about it, is a store at the mall which does make-overs and dress-up for little girls.  Well, when she got home, the 6 year old took it pretty well, but asked me if we could go sometime together.  Off the cuff I said, maybe that would be a good reward if you can obey the rules about your bikes for a couple weeks.  She walked out satisfied.  And I turned to Robb and said, you know, that’s not a bad idea, to offer some kind of big reward for their consistent obedience. Maybe that would get them over this hurdle of not being able to control themselves and obey.

And both of us had this moment.

Oh . . . 

Yes, God.

Yes, we see.  And O, the irony.