I’m spending a lot of time in Colossians 3 lately.  I told Robb that I’m going to read it every day until I get it right, which, if I’m at all average, should take me approximately 35 more years.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men . . . it is the Lord Christ you are serving.

The other day, I was folding Robb’s tee shirts and thinking about God.  Understand that Robb’s tee shirts always go into the laundry inside-out.  He never turns them.  And when I fold them, with an attitude that is about 75% laziness and 25% passive-agressive, I leave them inside-out.  He can turn them – I have enough work to do.  So, I started to fold his inside-out tee shirt and God whispered in my heart . . . it’s the Lord Christ you are serving.  And I asked myself what if this were the Lord’s tee shirt?  My immediate answer was that I’d turn it right side out for my Wonderful Savior/Big Brother/Lover of my soul/Best Friend.  And it dawned on me, I am folding this tee shirt for my Lord.

And I thought that maybe What Would Jesus Do? is the wrong question.  I’ve mostly found the WWJD? thing makes me feel defeated (which I recognize could just be my own issue).  But maybe the question we should be asking ourselves in our service to others is what would I do for Jesus?, the implications of which are so exhausting that I will leave it to you, dear friend, to ponder on your own.

But, p.s. all Robb’s tee shirts are right side out and I’m pretty sure I need to get up and see him off to work in the morning and maybe even fix him some breakfast.

p.p.s. I wrote this in my journal several days ago and since then this question is haunting my existence.