God has graciously and miraculously answered some very big prayers in my life in the last week.  And the truth is, I’m flying a bit.  Which is interesting because 6 weeks ago I was on the edge of despair.  What this says about me besides that I’m a closet manic-depressive (or maybe not so “closet” to those of you who know me well), is that I’ve been way too susceptible to my feelings, too easily swayed by circumstances and not trusting the truth that I know.

Today, I feel very cared for, very loved.  Six weeks ago I remember saying to myself, God doesn’t care about me.  Nobody cares about me.  Which I now recognize was just an echo of the lies whispered in my heart by the enemy of my  soul.

So, I’ve been listening to Switchfoot in my car and they have a song whose chorus is as follows:

Let me know that you hear me
Let me know your touch
Let me know that you love me
Let that be enough

And when I was learning it, I kept wanting to sing, let me feel your touch, let me feel that you love me.  And I’m so glad that it wasn’t written that way because now I recognize that my challenge is to know the love of God in the hard, painful times when I don’t feel Him, to know that He is listening when I don’t feel like He’s listening, to feel how I feel, but to act in the truth.

So I’m praying, In those dark times, Lord, that will come because this world is a hard and desperate place to live, let me know that you hear me, let me know your touch, let me know that you love me, and let that be enough.  And for those of my friends who are going through painful and confusing circumstances, may You be enough for them today.