There is this thing that my friend Jon likes to call “divine procrastination”.  It is the God-ordained serendipitous that happens when we are stalling or avoiding getting started on what we “should” be doing.  Now I don’t pretend to know if this is God working things together for our good, or if it is Him operating within our personality, or if the procrastination itself is an unconscious following of some inner prompting of the Holy Spirit, but I experienced it myself (not for the first time) this past week.

I was online, surfing my usual list of blogs, a privelege I allow myself sometimes before I get down to the “real” work.  I went to Stacey’s blog and she had some silly online quizzes posted.  She’d had these up for a few days or maybe even a week, and so far I had not even been tempted to take any of them – not interested – don’t have time.  But this day I clicked on “what color green are you?”  I took the quiz and it turns out I’m grass green – down to earth and a bit of a hippy.  And I thought, “Huh, that seems right.” and I clicked on another, something really meaningful like . . .what flavor tootsie pop are you . . . or which stooge are you . . . or something equally ridiculous.  I answered one or two questions and then thought . . . “no” . . . and turned off the computer and got to work.

The next day, I had coffee with a new friend.  God has been drawing me into a relationship with this woman, to what end I have no idea, but I am thoroughly enjoying the process.  We spent a delightful hour together sipping coffee, sharing a cinnamon sugar doughnut and talking and laughing together like old friends.

Someplace in the middle of our conversation, I thought, “Now, here’s someone who’s down to earth and a bit of a hippy.”  In a flash God spoke to me so clearly that I had to school my features not to reflect that at that moment the inner conversation was more real to me than the face to face one.  He told me that this was my village.  These are the people I want you to pray for.  This is the territory you can penetrate for Christ  . . . the granola eating, yoga practicing, organic produce purchasing, birkenstock wearing, down to earth, back to nature hippies.

I thought I was wasting time, but God was using the seemingingly meaningless to clarify my call, an answer, in fact, to an ongoing prayer of mine.  Now, I know this doesn’t give me license to procrastinate at will, but isn’t it cool how God uses our weaknesses and quirks to reveal Himself to us?