In service to truth in conversation, I will no longer be answering fine or ok when asked, “How ya doin'”, unless I am doin’ fine or ok.  But, I struggle to come up with a more truthful answer that does not vomit volumes of information on the asker who just wants to say, “good to see you, I acknowledge your existence.”

If it’s someone I know fairly well, that genuinely wants to know how I am I have no problem answering, “well, it’s complicated, let’s get together and talk sometime.”

But how do you answer truthfully when they are simply using the formula for acknowledging you standing in front of them?  And, is that really conversation anyway?


I wrote the above draft on Saturday night and then went to church on Sunday and asked two people, “How are ya’?” before I caught myself.  Then I tried out a couple other things out and decided I like, “It’s good to see you.”

Figuring out how to answer the question is a little trickier.  It depends on how you are, who is asking and how much time you and they have.  Still, I think honesty is the best policy without going into the treatise on me.   I did tell someone on Sunday when asked, “to tell you the truth, not that well.  I would appreciate your prayers.”  And she suggested that we get together and talk sometime.  And I said, “I’d love to.”  THAT was a conversation, albiet brief.