Today I was speaking truth with my friend Jon and we were having a conversation about the conversations we’ve been having about conversation.  We were trying to define a conversation that has threads in several blogs and roots in our neighborhood, across the city, across the continent and around the world.  It contains face to face conversations as well as blogs of people we know, people we sorta know, people we know but have never met face to face, people we don’t know and people who know the people we know.  We pretty much decided that conversation 2.0 wasn’t enough to describe it.  So, do we add or multiply?  Is it 2.5, 3.0, 6 or is it conversation 2000 – does that describe it’s limitlessness?  Maybe it’s conversation infinity.

What all this conversation has made me realize this week is how starved I’ve been for conversation, for deep, meaningful communication with no agenda.  And why is that?  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that i’ve been talking right along.  I talk and talk and talk.  Why hasn’t this been conversation?  This week, God revealed to me that the reason my interactions have left me cold is that I haven’t been having the  One Conversation that Matters.  I haven’t been conversing with Him.  Without this one conversation all others lack meaning.

So in 2007, my goal is to learn the art of conversation.  I am going to, with God’s help, begin to learn how to make every conversation part of the  One Conversation that Matters, including, and maybe especially, the conversation inside my head.